The Team

The Team at Gareth Devine Biokineticits:

Gareth Devine

During my years as a professional soccer player at Wits F.C. and Ajax F.C I learned the value of correct rehabilitation methods during and after injuries. Now as a Biokineticist I believe in a holistic approach to healing. I completed a Bachelor of Physical Education at Wits University. This is where I developed a love for working with people and helping them in their recovery from injuries.

I subsequently completed an Honours in Sports Science and Biokinetics at the University of Johannesburg. I then decided to further my knowledge by doing a Medical Masters in Biokinetics at Wits University.

As a registered Biokineticist with the HPCSA and BASA councils, my interests are particularly in rehabilitation of shoulder and knee injuries.

What drives me is seeing people returning to their daily activities or spoting activities, knowing that I have been part of their road to recovery.

Kyla Thomas

Biokinetics is a profession which I have always wanted to follow.

After completing my three year degree in Human Movement Sciences at UJ, I spent one year learning as well as teaching the Classical New York Pilates Method. I then furthered my studies by completing my honours degree in Biokinetics at UCT.

I am registered as part of HPCSA and BASA Councils.

I enjoy working with all types of orthopaedic injuries as well as a number of chronic conditions. My main orthopaedic interests are back as well as knee injuries/conditions. I also really enjoy working with children. My goal is to help people improve their quality of life as well as helping them return to activities which their injuries/medical conditions have held them back from.

I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people on a daily basis and really love what I do.

Kirsten Keen

I swam competitively and participated in athletics at school which led me to choosing a sports-related career. I completed my BSc Sport Science degree at the University of Johannesburg in 2012. In 2013 I completed a BHSc Honours in Biokinetics degree at the University of Witwatersrand. I am registered with the HPCSA and BASA councils. Working as a Biokineticist has given me the opportunity to help patients with orthopaedic or chronic conditions return to sport or improve their ability to perform activities of daily living. It is rewarding to see progress and to be part of the final phase of patient rehabilitation, general health promotion and prevention of future injuries.

Jake Shrimpton

Growing up, I lived on the sports field and I have always been fascinated by health and the human body. I came across Biokinetics at a young age and have since followed course to pursue it as my career. I completed my formal studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, whereby I also completed several additional short courses relating to the field of Biokinetics.

The area that I am most passionate about is Orthopaedic injuries, particularly of the ankle, knee and hip. I strongly believe in an individualized and comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, making certain that all aspects of a patient's condition are examined and treated. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, striving to acquire and practice the latest evidence-based Biokinetic techniques.

My goal is to ensure that I fulfil each patient's needs through professional treatments, allowing them to return to pre-injury activities with confidence.

Maxine Da Silva

I am passionate about a career path in health care and therefore Biokinetics has provided me with the optimal working environment. I have completed my undergraduate and post graduate studies at the University of Johannesburg and I am registered with HPCSA and BASA councils.

My greatest involvement has been in chronic and neurological rehabilitation. I thoroughly enjoy working with patients and seeing the benefits of exercise and how it is improved their quality of life and ability to perform daily activities.

Thelma Jacobs

I have worked in reception and accounts in the medical field for about five and a half years now. After gaining my experience at a physiotherapist and doctors general practice I have now found my calling to work for Biokineticists. Personal experience showed me what a valuable profession this is and is an honour to be part of this special team.